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Gola sizzlers promises to deliver an unforgettable food experience: the best of traditional hospitality and a true classy ambience, which speaks of sheer luxury. Apart from sizzlers, the restaurant offers Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, Italian and Japanese cuisines. Remarkably Gola Sizzlers account for about 50% of its daily food sales.

Gola Sizzlers! Gola Sizzlers! Gola Sizzlers! Gola Sizzlers!

Extensive Research

As per the brand management, a lot of research goes before implementing any products idea into action, since it needs a huge investment, committing a little mistake can result in a great loss, so, the management has enough research on different aspects with the help of their well talented and well equipped team. Meanwhile, a lot of planning goes into finalising the location for the restaurant, as it affects the product pricing and overall operational cost.

Pierre Gabant